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Looks like we've got Bozo for another two and a half years. Let's hope that galvanises the opposition parties to make a pact, form a coalition Government, bring in Proportional Representation in a first term and keep these Tory bastards out of power for the rest of our lives.

Another Tory MP, who sits on a four figure majority, tells me he is planning for his next job outside Parliament.

Seems reconciled to losing his seat - but his big fear is being associated with a grubby government

(And yes, he's submitted a letter)

This picture perfectly sums up the need for the Met to explain its Partygate rationale. No fine for Simon Case who was emailed in advance + was photographed. Rishi Sunak had no advance knowledge but got fined after turning up for a meeting. Seems illogical

Adam Wagner@AdamWagner1

This photo might as well be captioned: "Why did Simon Case not get a fixed penalty notice for this gathering"?

Boris Johnson’s Partygate remorse lasts all of 30 seconds | John Crace

As I understand it @BorisJohnson has timed a 1922 committee meeting to save his own skin at the same time as a government debate in his name in the Commons on Ukraine. Please stop pretending you care about anything other than yourself.

Fortunately the Met Police were unable to identify the blonde figure on the right of the picture.

You'd have thought the Cabinet would have realised by now that they look like halfwits when they all tweet the same supportive tweets written by Number 10

Boris Johnson: "it was only right to say goodbye to colleagues who were leaving"

My aunt Joyce, on a borrowed phone in ICU: "David, I'm scared, I don't want to die, I've so much living left to do"
Me: "I love you, you're my hero, I will see you soon"
The next day she died.

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