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I make no excuses for the fact that I will be pushing the need to get #VoterID quite a lot. It is a cynical @Conservatives ploy to stop people who oppose them from voting. We must all play our part.

The rollout of voter ID is an utter shambles. At the current rate it would take 8 years to issue documents to all who could need them, but we’ve only got 3 months.

The Tory plan is unworkable, unnecessary and set to lock millions of people out of voting

@Saccaguru Strange that Bercow was removed from the house swiftly after allegations of bullying, but Raab, Braverman and Patel can do no wrong in the party of corruption?

Boris Johnson here…

Saying that Ukraine should join the EU

Does he not care about their sovereignty?

Is he saying they don’t need to take back control?

What if one day they need a vaccine rollout?

David Davis pre-Brexit:

There will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside

David Davis yesterday:

They did a crap job of Brexit

Friday 3rd February is #ToriesOut211

Whilst Sunak has done Piers and Johnson will do Dorries (interviews!)

1 in 5 in poverty
NHS in crisis, #strikes
Raab is still in his job
Zahawi ??
Water bills up
BP has record profits
Johnson wants Ukraine to join the EU


MY GOD! I’ve just seen the video Boris Johnson posted yesterday on the benefits of Brexit. It contained barefaced lies and has had nearly a million views! Help me take the TRUTH to the country!


Boris Johnson wants to scrap British tanks and says “the days of big tank battles in Europe are over”


Boris Johnson tells UK Govt and other countries “we must send tanks”

Remind me who Captain Hindsight is again?

How does Boris Johnson reconcile the fact that he wants the best for Ukraine and this includes joining the EU as soon as possible, but that being outside of the EU is great for Britain?

- fine eve to you bartend. what delicious real ales have you to offer us?
- may i recommend a pint of ‘hitler’s shit sack’ at 5%, or maybe the slightly stronger ‘sock-fucker chutney’?
- no, i think i’ll start with a pint of ‘deep depression’ please…

Congratulations & thanks to the crack team behind the most popular talk show on U.K. commercial radio: @eleanorwalshie; @KeithTrue & @cburholt.
An amazing & unprecedented achievement for a non-breakfast show.

Global @global

Over 1.3 million listeners switch on @mrjamesob each week on @LBC 🎙 #RAJAR

Listen on @GlobalPlayer 📲

I have now been in office for 100 days!
In that time I have overseen the biggest fall in living standards on record and the highest inflation in 30 years, given Levelling Up money to my own constituency, asked a homeless man what business he was in... 1/3

Good morning everyone 😃

Whatever he’s up to and whatever country he’s in one thing can always be guaranteed.
Johnson’s priority is Johnson and will continue to be Johnson for the rest of his days.
An ego driven, deluded, narcissistic, psychopathic failure.

I was a hero.
I didn't feel like a hero, but Boris Johnson labelled nurses as heroes and so began the lie.
When the pandemic hit I was on bereavement leave. My husband had been killed in a motorcycle accident, leaving me to raise our 4 children alone. I have no other

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