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@IsabelOakeshott Liar!

‘Blind and partially sighted persons are able to fly throughout Europe with their guide dog with them, thanks to Regulation EC1107/2006 which concerns the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.’

Sadiq Khan tells @mrjamesob the amount of racist abuse he received after this false story 'shot through the roof'.

'I don't mind when people attack me for my policies... what annoys me is misinformation, often from the tories, and then written up by sympathetic journalists'.

Shivani Sharma @shivanisharmaaa

I wonder if the people spreading misinformation about the mayor online will correct themselves now?

Sad story but.

You’ve made your bed now lie in it.

Brexit backer left in the cold by new rules that make it impossible for him to enter France with a guide dog

“Twindemic”—A potentially fatal strain of flu currently in circulation worldwide could be a major threat to public health, plus COVID this winter—warns senior government health official, Dr Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser of 🇬🇧 @UKHSA. Get #flu shots!

So @trussliz I’m an enemy of enterprise am I? I’ve got my own business but your #brexit has destroyed my exports to the EU; nothing you are talking about doing now will make up for that.

Photo of the Day: The only photograph ever taken of Concorde travelling at Mack 3 on the M6 just North of Preston, it was desperately running out of fuel for its 4 Vauxhall 1.8ltr Turbo Diesel VXR engines as it tried to keep up with a Canberra

Photographed from a Canberra

BREAKING: Tornado F3 detains man attempting to glue himself to the runway at RAF Lizard until Perranporth And Redruth Police arrived.

At over 71.75m long the F3 can detain persons from half a runway away (further if using semi-nuclear missiles)

Photographed from a Canberra

@Haggis_UK So…

Cleverly says they withdrew the tax cut due to the media, Kwarteng insists it’s all the fault of QEII, Liz Truss suggests it was because of market reaction, whilst @snb19692 (Steve Bray) invokes the spirit of Benny Hill!

Who do YOU think is responsible for the uturn?

Here's what's moving on up. Mortgage repayments. Interest rates. Rent. Prices. Energy bills. Food bills. Oil company profits. Bankers' bonuses. NHS waiting times.

You know what's not moving on up? Your pay. Your pension. The pound. The country.

Faisal Islam @faisalislam


Typical two year fixed rate mortgage has topped 6% for first time in 14 years… now 6.07% according to Moneyfacts via @Peacheyk

Disgusting that those dirty little wokey anti-growth activists could interrupt the PM. I hope they were taken out and jailed and then deported.

So apparently we can't stop Truss walking out to our song, very weird! So sad it got used by this shower of a government. BTW Truss labour used it with permission in 90's. I don't want my song being a soundtrack to lies.

Oh God! So Coffey is the new sleeping tablet … stronger than Coffee … as for the guy bottom right eating ear wax … doubtless testing the new treatment for rickets, which will be making a big comeback after a few months more of this lot

Brendan May @bmay

The death of a political party, filmed up close for the first time ever. It’s like an Attenborough film about extinction.

This is absolutely horrific

Both the Home Secretary & Chancellor blaming & shaming benefit claimants for high inflation labour shortages

It’s what depraved Government’s do when they have no one left to blame for the mess they have created

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