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We kicked off construction on our new solar project in Spain, Gazules 1 and 2. With a combined capacity of 92 megawatts, the site will be able to supply the equivalent of 20,000 Spanish households with green electricity by the end of 2023.

We've just ordered two 100-megawatt electrolysis plants from @LindEngineering for our very own GET H2 project in Lingen, Germany! The first plant is expected to be commissioned in 2024, with the second scheduled to start operations one year later.

More green power generation for Lithuania! 🌱 RWE is taking part in #WINDMission 2023. We will report about expanding our activities and our first planned participation in an upcoming #offshorewind farm auction in Lithuania.

Five solar projects, with a total capacity of more than 200 megawatts, are on the horizon in Greece! Developed through our joint venture with @ppcrenewables, construction will begin in spring, with full operation expected by the end of Q1 2024.

🌬️ New onshore wind project in southern Germany has won latest tender. The new wind farm will have a total capacity of up to 20 megawatts. In Germany we already operate around 90 #onshorewind farms.,-c-,-RWE-wins-tender--in-Baden-Wurttemberg

The floating LNG terminal, „Hoegh Gannet“, arrived at the port of Brunsbüttel 🇩🇪. This increases Germany's import capacity for liquefied gas and strengthens security of supply. Thanks to everyone involved for realising the project in record time.

One year of TetraSpar, our floating demonstration project off the Norwegian coast! A combined effort with @Shell, Stiesdal Offshore Technologies & @TEPCO_English, the project allows us to gain insights & learnings which will support us in becoming a market-leader in floating wind

The EU innovation fund grants €108 million for FUREC. Our waste-to-hydrogen project will be set in Limburg, Netherlands and can eventually serve as a blueprint for other locations in Europe. Final investment decision for FUREC is expected in 2024.

A great next step for our Dogger Bank project which has signed Agreements for Lease with @TheCrownEstate to develop up to 3 gigawatts of offshore wind off the North East coast of England.

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Developments in Denmark! We have selected @SiemensGamesa as our preferred supplier for our 1,000 megawatt wind farm, Thor. Subject to RWE's final investment decision, the 72 of the flagship SG 14-236 DD offshore turbines will start to be installed in 2026.

Enough energy to power 7,500 households each year. That's the effect of connecting the #onshorewind farm in Evendorf, Germany, to the grid. And there is more to come, as 3 more wind farms with over 60 megawatts of capacity are under construction in 🇩🇪

We completed installation of our biggest battery system in Germany yet – with a total capacity of 117 megawatts. For renewables expansion, innovative storage systems are an essential part of the energy transition.

We have agreed on a strategic energy partnership with @Equinor 🤝
Aim is to realise major projects that contribute to the European energy supply as well as ramping up the H2 market. H2 is crucial for the decarbonisation of industry and the power sector.

We put Casa Valdes, our solar farm near Madrid, into operation! Over 97,000 bifacial solar modules are now able to supply the equivalent of 30,000 Spanish households with green electricity. We also have two more solar projects in Spain under construction.

Energy transition 🤝 Agriculture. With the @fz_juelich & the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, an innovative demonstration plant for #AgriPV is expected to be built from mid-2023. It will supply solar power while operating arable farming & horticulture. ☀️

Energiewende 🤝 Landwirtschaft. Mit dem @fz_juelich & dem Land NRW soll in Titz-Jackerath ab Mitte 2023 eine innovative Demonstrationsanlage für #AgriPV entstehen. Mit ihr soll Solarstrom gewonnen und gleichzeitig Acker- und Gartenbau betrieben werden. ☀️

Some sunny news ⚡️☀️: In North Rhine-Westphalia "RWE indeland solar farm" with integrated battery storage has been commissioned. Its 26,500 bifacial solar modules are able to supply the equivalent of up to 3,500 homes with green electricity.

We plan to collaborate with WindSpider to support them in developing a new self-erecting crane system for wind turbines. 🏗 This would make the installation and operation of wind farms even more efficient. 💪 A letter of intent was recently signed.

RWE announces plans for an exciting new UK project combining solar, batteries, onshore wind & sustainable farming.

The project has an agreement for a possible capacity of up to 600MW & would be located next to RWE's Tween Bridge Wind Farm.

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Huge news from Spain: We have commissioned Rea Unificado! It's not only our 17th wind farm in the country, but also uses the most powerful turbines in our Spanish fleet. These were installed on innovative and resource-saving “Soft-Spot®” foundations.

We were successful in the offshore wind auction in California. The winning bid secures an area with the potential to host up to 1.6 gigawatts of capacity and marks the milestone of our first-ever awarded commercial-scale floating offshore wind project.

Our latest auction success lays the basis for a new solar plant, “RWE Neuland 1 Solarpark”, at the Hambach mine. Around 37,000 solar modules will eventually be able to supply green power to over 5,000 households. Construction start is planned for mid-2023.

Together with Hyphen Hydrogen Energy, we have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore bringing green ammonia from Namibia to Germany. Starting from 2027, up to 300,000 tonnes could be supplied annually. #hydrogen

"The commute isn't the most straightforward but you can't beat the views!" 🌅

That's life when you work on the 160 turbines that make up our 576MW Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm.

(📷 courtesy of: The Crown Estate/Ben Barden Photography Ltd)

Before we head into the final month of 2022, we want to highlight some of the exciting news we got to share in November! 🙌

A world first in the Netherlands! We have erected three wind turbines with a capacity of 7.5 megawatts on a sea dike near Eemshaven. The learnings gained from our Oostpolderdijk project create opportunities for similar projects in other locations.

Full commissioning of Selinus, our onshore wind farm in Sicily. With its 25.2-megawatts, the wind farm can supply the equivalent of 22,000 Italian households with green electricity. This also means RWE now operates 17 wind farms in Italy!

Solar power plus battery storage - we are constructing two plants of this type at the Garzweiler Mine in North Rhine-Westphalia. Commissioning is planned for 2023, when the equivalent of over 7,250 homes can then be supplied with green electricity.

All 38 turbines at our Kaskasi site have now been installed! When operational, which is expected by the year's end, the 342-megawatt offshore wind farm will supply the electricity equivalent to that of more than 400,000 German households.

Good news from the Netherlands: We were awarded the opportunity to build an offshore wind farm in the Dutch sea, Hollandse Kust West VII. The innovative concept for the 760-megawatt wind farm could serve as a blueprint for future offshore wind farms.

Positive performance in the first nine months of 2022: RWE expanded its green portfolio, achieved strong earnings in the international green core business while the German coal and lignite business declined. Outlook and dividend target confirmed.

Positive Bilanz nach den ersten neun Monaten 2022: RWE hat ihr grünes Portfolio weiter ausgebaut, starkes Ergebnis im internationalen grünen Kerngeschäft und Rückgang im deutschen Kohle- & Kernenergiegeschäft. Ausblick und Dividendenziel bestätigt.

We are investing an innovative battery storage system. 🔋 In Neurath & Hamm, Germany, we will be installing a 220-megawatt battery storage system, which will then be virtually networked with our German power plants. Commissioning is planned for 2024.

We are partnering up with @renercycle!💪 With its 18 partners, the company is dedicated to achieving zero waste by developing recycling, sustainability and circular economy solutions for the renewables industry. ♻️

Proud to sponsor the @USCleanPower Offshore WINDPOWER 2022. Come meet our growing team! EVP @seaton463 will discuss #IRA & progress toward 30 GW by ‘30.

#offshorewind #ACPoffshore22

🇵🇱 RWE bids for an offshore wind seabed permit in Poland. 75 km off the coast of Ustka, a town west of Gdansk, lies the site with a capacity of up to 1.5 gigawatts RWE is bidding for with an integrated concept, taking efficient area co-usage into account.

A new month, a new season – but before we fully get into the autumn mood, let us take you on a tour of our September highlights. 👀🗓

RWE is ready to step out of coal by 2030, backed by an agreement with the responsible German ministries. This contributes significantly to achieving German climate protection goals. Staff reductions to be implemented in a socially responsible manner. (1/2)

RWE ist bereit, bis 2030 aus der Kohle auszusteigen. Basis ist eine Verständigung mit den zuständigen Ministerien. Früherer Ausstieg trägt maßgeblich zur Erreichung deutscher Klimaschutzziele bei. Personalabbau soll sozialverträglich umgesetzt werden. 1/2

We are accelerating our green expansion in the U.S.: RWE acquires @ConEdCEB. This makes us the number 4 renewable energy company in the United States. It represents also a significant boost of our project pipeline.

Enormer Schub für unser grünes Wachstum in den USA: RWE erwirbt @ConEdCEB und wird damit zu einem der führenden Erneuerbaren-Unternehmen in den USA. Zugleich vergrößert sich unsere Entwicklungspipeline deutlich.

Are black painted wind turbine rotor blades safer for birds? 🤔 This examines a Dutch study we’re taking part in. Seven of our wind turbines in Eemshaven will undergo the makeover. Follow the link for all the info ➡️

Two innovative technologies in one project! 🪄 That's what you'll see in our Orkoien pilot project, as we seek to make renewable electricity production more sustainable. Construction is underway, with commissioning expected in summer 2023.

We've got the power! 💪 Together with @Latvenergo, we're sending a clear signal regarding the accelerated expansion of #renewables. We aim to jointly develop, construct and operate #offshore wind farms in the Latvian Baltic Sea.
More info on the #MoU:

We are excited to share that we are the new head partner of @FCRosengard. The successful club's arena is right around the corner from our Malmö office. We are looking forward to supporting not only their sports team but also social ambitions.

As summer draws to a close with the end of August, we thought we'd take a look back on our highlights from the last month. 📆👀

Sunny news from Poland ☀️: We are expanding our presence in one of our focus markets by acquiring the Polish solar developer, Alpha Solar. The enhancement adds 3 GWac to our existing solar development pipeline and a team of around 60 professionals.

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