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🇵🇱 RWE bids for an offshore wind seabed permit in Poland. 75 km off the coast of Ustka, a town west of Gdansk, lies the site with a capacity of up to 1.5 gigawatts RWE is bidding for with an integrated concept, taking efficient area co-usage into account.

A new month, a new season – but before we fully get into the autumn mood, let us take you on a tour of our September highlights. 👀🗓

RWE is ready to step out of coal by 2030, backed by an agreement with the responsible German ministries. This contributes significantly to achieving German climate protection goals. Staff reductions to be implemented in a socially responsible manner. (1/2)

RWE ist bereit, bis 2030 aus der Kohle auszusteigen. Basis ist eine Verständigung mit den zuständigen Ministerien. Früherer Ausstieg trägt maßgeblich zur Erreichung deutscher Klimaschutzziele bei. Personalabbau soll sozialverträglich umgesetzt werden. 1/2

We are accelerating our green expansion in the U.S.: RWE acquires @ConEdCEB. This makes us the number 4 renewable energy company in the United States. It represents also a significant boost of our project pipeline.

Enormer Schub für unser grünes Wachstum in den USA: RWE erwirbt @ConEdCEB und wird damit zu einem der führenden Erneuerbaren-Unternehmen in den USA. Zugleich vergrößert sich unsere Entwicklungspipeline deutlich.

Are black painted wind turbine rotor blades safer for birds? 🤔 This examines a Dutch study we’re taking part in. Seven of our wind turbines in Eemshaven will undergo the makeover. Follow the link for all the info ➡️

Two innovative technologies in one project! 🪄 That's what you'll see in our Orkoien pilot project, as we seek to make renewable electricity production more sustainable. Construction is underway, with commissioning expected in summer 2023.

We've got the power! 💪 Together with @Latvenergo, we're sending a clear signal regarding the accelerated expansion of #renewables. We aim to jointly develop, construct and operate #offshore wind farms in the Latvian Baltic Sea.
More info on the #MoU:

We are excited to share that we are the new head partner of @FCRosengard. The successful club's arena is right around the corner from our Malmö office. We are looking forward to supporting not only their sports team but also social ambitions.

As summer draws to a close with the end of August, we thought we'd take a look back on our highlights from the last month. 📆👀

Sunny news from Poland ☀️: We are expanding our presence in one of our focus markets by acquiring the Polish solar developer, Alpha Solar. The enhancement adds 3 GWac to our existing solar development pipeline and a team of around 60 professionals.

Sonnige Neuigkeiten aus Polen ☀️: Wir übernehmen den polnischen Projektentwickler Alpha Solar & bauen unsere Präsenz in einem unserer Fokusmärkte aus. So erweitern wir unsere weltweite Solar-Entwicklungspipeline um 3 GWac & übernehmen rund 60 Experten. ⬆️

We have started construction of Las Vaguadas, our solar park in the province of Badajoz.☀️The park consists of approx. 20,000 solar panels with a planned capacity of 10 megawatts (MWac).

We have a soft spot for innovation.💡 At our Spanish wind farm Rea, we are premiering resource-saving Soft-Spot® foundations. The first of nine turbines is now under construction. Commissioning of the 40.8 MW wind farm is planned for the winter of 2022.

More than €5 billion investments for green technologies: RWE increased its earnings in the first half of 2022 and is ramping up its investments by about 30%. Electricity generated from renewables rose by about 20%. The dividend target remains unchanged.

Mehr als 5 Mrd. € Investitionen für grüne Technologien: RWE hat ihr Ergebnis im ersten Halbjahr 2022 gesteigert und erhöht die Investitionen um ~30 %. Der Stromanteil aus Erneuerbaren Energien stieg um ~20 %. Das Dividendenziel bleibt unverändert.

27 crew members and 60 technicians and project members have been working around-the-clock to oversee the upkeep of 128 of our wind turbines. Safe to say our annual maintenance campaign at our Amrumbank West and Nordsee Ost offshore sites is well underway! 💪

Ready, set, go: The first turbine of our offshore wind farm Kaskasi has been commissioned and is supplying green electricity. Our 342 MW project in the German North Sea is expected to be fully operational by 2022.

Es geht voran: Die erste Turbine unseres Offshore-Windparks Kaskasi ist in Betrieb und erzeugt grünen Strom. 🙌 Unser 342-MW-Projekt in der deutschen Nordsee soll bis Ende 2022 fertiggestellt werden.

With the end of July just around the corner, we’d like to take a moment and look back on some of the news that we've shared with you over the course of the month. 🚀 Looking forward to what August has in store. Stay tuned! 🙌

Making waves in Texas! 🇺🇸 Our 30 megawatt battery storage project, Texas Waves II, has gone into construction. The project, which will have a 1 hour lithium-ion battery and be co-located at Pyron Wind Farm, is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

And we are floating 🌊: Celebrating another milestone of our DemoSath project with our partner @saitecoffshore as we successfully launched the floating unit into water. 🥳 Moving forward at this pace, it'll be ready for installation by the end of summer.

Safety is a priority for us, which is why we're grateful to have colleagues that are prepared for any issues during a helicopter landing. Two pilots, two medics and a hoist operator joined the team at our Arkona Offshore Wind Farm to help them simulate real life emergencies. 🚁

3️⃣ is a magic number! The Les Hauts Bouleaux wind farm, with a total capacity of 18 MW, was inaugurated today, making it our third in France. The park was delivered on time thanks in part to the valuable help of local residents.

Offshore power for Greece. We’re partnering with @HELPE_Group to jointly develop, construct and operate wind farms just off the Greek coast. We’re looking forward to contributing to Greece’s energy transition.

Great news from the Netherlands - we've put our first floating photovoltaic (PV) project into operation! 🙌 Over 13.000 solar panels have been installed with a capacity of 6.1 megawatts peak (MWp), and now float on a lake next to our Amer power plant. ☀️

Tower erected and rotor blades installed - the DemoSATH wind turbine is taking shape! We were able to get a scenic look at the assembly of our 2 MW floating offshore pilot project, DemoSATH, which we are developing alongside @saitecoffshore just off the coast near Bilbao 🇪🇸.

Partnering up for power in Poland! 💪 We joined forces with @SiemensGamesa to push Polish offshore power! We have signed a preferred supplier agreement for our 350 MW F.E.W Baltic II project including the usage of 25 of their wind turbines.💨

We are partnering with steel producer, @ArcelorMittalD, to jointly build and operate offshore wind farms and H2 facilities. These will enable them to produce low-emission steel in GER. A first joint pilot electrolysis is planned for 2026.

Wir planen mit @ArcelorMittalD den Bau von Offshore-Windparks und H2-Anlagen. Diese sollen den Strombedarf des Stahlerzeugers decken und emissionsarme Stahlerzeugung in Deutschland 🇩🇪 ermöglichen. Eine gemeinsame Pilot-Elektrolyse ist für 2026 geplant.

We have partnered with @Commerzbank to create a ‘Green Mittelstand Fund’ aimed at giving medium-sized industrial companies in Germany access to offshore power as well as to jointly construct an offshore wind farm. An MoU was signed today.

Grüner Strom für mittelständischen Industrieunternehmen: Wir planen mit der @Commerzbank einen „Grünen Mittelstandsfond“ sowie den Bau eines gemeinsamen Offshore-Windparks mit einer Leistung von etwa 1 GW. Eine Absichtserklärung wurde heute unterzeichnet.

For us, every day feels like #GlobalWindDay, but today it actually is. Being one of the world’s largest operators of on- and offshore wind farms, it feels like a great occasion to introduce you to some of our wind projects. 🎥

Nysäter is being inaugurated! Today sees a ceremony to celebrate the start of operations at our largest onshore project to date in Europe. Its 114 wind turbines can supply the equivalent energy needed by more than 300,000 households.

Weltpremiere: In unserem #Offshore-Windpark Kaskasi kommt erstmals unser patentierter "Collard Monopile" zum Einsatz. Die speziellen Stahlkragen wurden um drei Fundamente gelegt und verbessern so die Standsicherheit.
📸 @DEMEgroup

A world premiere at our offshore wind farm Kaskasi, where we have debuted our patented collared monopile' design. The special steel collars have been installed around three foundations to improve its structural integrity.
📸 @DEMEgroup

Wir erwerben das 1,4-GW-Gaskraftwerk ‚Magnum‘ in Eemshaven 🇳🇱 von der @VattenfallGroup. Mit dem hochmodernen und wasserstofffähigen Kraftwerk können wir die Transformation der Stromerzeugung in den Niederlanden unterstützen. 📸 Vattenfall

We will acquire the 1.4 GW gas-fired power plant 'Magnum' in Eemshaven 🇳🇱 from @VattenfallGroup. The power station is already hydrogen-ready, meaning it can help support the transformation of power generation in the Netherlands. 📸 Vattenfall

200 neue Jobs, neue Standorte & Milliarden-Investitionen: ‚Rückenwind für Deutschland‘ ist unsere Initiative für den Ausbau der Erneuerbaren in 🇩🇪 mit Fokus auf Onshore-Wind & Solar. Wie in Grevenbroich, wo der Bau unseres 17-MW-Windparks begonnen hat.

Investing billions, creating 200 new Jobs & new office locations: ‘Tailwind for Germany’ is our initiative to boost the expansion of renewables, focusing on onshore wind & solar. Just recently we started construction on our 17 MW wind farm in Grevenbroich.,-c-,-RWE-accelerates-green-power-expansion

Exciting news: The world’s first recyclable blades are due to be installed at our Kaskasi offshore wind farm this summer and are currently being produced by our partner, @SiemensGamesa. This makes wind turbines even more sustainable and contributes to circular economy.

Tolle News: Wir installieren diesen Sommer die weltweit ersten recycelbaren Rotorblätter in unserem #Offshore-Windpark Kaskasi, produziert von unserem Partner @SiemensGamesa. Das macht Windturbinen noch nachhaltiger & trägt zu einer verbesserten Kreislaufwirtschaft bei.

Partnerschaft zur Diversifizierung der europäischen Gasversorgung angestrebt: Wir haben eine Absichtserklärung mit @SempraInfra für LNG-Lieferungen unterzeichnet. Diese sieht Verhandlungen & Abschluss eines 15-Jahres-Vertrags über 2,25 Mio. t pro Jahr vor.

New partnership aspired to diversify portfolio for European gas supply: We have signed a Heads of Agreement with @SempraInfra on LNG supply from the US. Terms consider negotiations and finalisation of a 15-year-contract for 2.25 million tonnes per year.

In late 2022, our sixth #offshore wind farm Kaskasi, just off the German coast, is planned to go into operation. Our video provides you with some impressive onsite footage of our 342 MW project and some interesting facts. Go #TEAMRWE 💪

150 GW of offshore wind by 2050. That's the goal 🇩🇰, 🇩🇪, 🇧🇪, 🇳🇱 and 🇪🇺 declared on yesterday’s North Sea Wind Summit in #Esbjerg. One of the industry experts taking part in the discussions was Sven Utermöhlen, CEO Offshore Wind of RWE Renewables.

Drop the anchor! Together with @saitecoffshore & @Maersk, we've installed the mooring system for our #floatingoffshore project, #DemoSATH, off the coast near Bilbao. The system will hold the 2 MW turbine in place. Expected operation: 3rd quarter of 2022.

We are participating in the tender for Hollandse Kust West Sites VI & VII. The more than 760 MW offshore wind farms will be located about 53 km off the Dutch coast. A great opportunity to further expand our renewables portfolio in one of our key markets.

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